We are able to provide comprehensive online care for consultations, medical advice, discussing test results and writing e-prescriptions. For examinations, we are able to receive patients face-to-face.

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Locomotor disorders are considered to be endemic in our time and affect very many people in Hungary: some indirectly, through disease in the family, and some are affected themselves. Locomotor disease can be found in 15-20 percent of the population, more than a hundred thousand people suffer from inflammatory joint disease, and the number of people experiencing symptoms of degenerative joint disease is  10-20 percent of the population.

In what cases should you turn to a rheumatology specialist?

  • Degenerative diseases: acute and chronic locomotor disease – joint, soft tissue and muscle pain, neck, head, lower back, and back pain, shoulder, knee, hip joint problems, spine disorders, spine pain, vertebral disorders,  vertebra compression fracture, herniated disc, lumbago, popping joints, ligament sprain.
  • Inflammatory diseases: painful swelling in the shoulder, elbow, wrist, and finger joints, knee, ankle, leg, and small joints, inflammation in multiple joints (rheumatoid arthritis), inflammatory spine pain, ligament inflammation, tendonitis, gout (urica arthritis), septic arthritis, and autoimmune disease.
  • Osteoporosis: broken bones, vertebral compression fractures, osteopenia (prior state),vitamin D deficiency
  • For diabetics,  mapping and treatment of locomotor symptoms: degeneration of spine and hips, neurological symptoms, gout due to  kidney disease, etc.

Treatments available in our office:

  • Injected therapies:
    • Anti-inflammatory Injection given into the joint
    • Paravertebral injection (next to the spinal column)
    • Local injection of small and large joints
    • Local infiltration of soft tissue (tubes containing fluid, tendon sheaths, tennis elbow, Baker cyst)
    • Cartilage building therapy – local injection into the joint
    • Osteoporosis treatment
    • Intervention rheumatology procedure
    • Antibiotic treatment
    • MD physician, collagen-based, musculoskeletal painkiller injection: MD physician collagen therapy is an innovative solution, which can be successfully applied to ease various musculoskeletal pains. With the aid of medical collagen we apply personalised therapy, depending on the type and location of the pain. In addition to easing musculoskeletal pain, we treat the source of the pain. The preparations used during therapy can strengthen the musculoskeletal system, joint areas and the ligaments and tendons held by the joints due to its collagen content.
  • Intravenous treatments:
    • Sciatica treatment
    • Neodolpasse treatment
    • Osteoporosis treatment
    • Parenteral antibiotic treatment
  • Physicotherapy:
    • TENS (muscle cramp relaxation, improvement of local blood circulation)
    • Ultrasound therapy (muscle cramp relaxation, improvement of local blood circulation, reduction of pain and inflammation)
    • Iontophoresis (introduction of medication into deeper  tissue, reduction of pain and inflammation)
    • Massage therapy
    • Chiropractor
    • Kinesiotape: Kinesiotape, also known as elastic therapeutic tape, activates the pain-relief receptors when placed on the skin. By affixing the tape, the underlying muscles can move smoothly underneath the skin, which is flexibly fixed. The result is a naturally induced lymphomatic massage. The tapes assist interactions between the joints, muscles, and tendons, while also opening veins, increasing circulation of the blood. The tissue moves beneath the tape, the natural healing process of the tissue is sped up by this movement. The application of kinesiotape significantly shortens the healing time of joint and muscle problems.