In our diabetology department, we are able to provide comprehensive care for patients online, including discussing test results, writing e-prescriptions and providing consultations and medical advice. For examinations, we are also available for face-to-face care.

During the current epidemic, diabetology care will be available in the form of online consultations. We are able to discuss test results, write e-prescriptions, discuss medical matters and offer advice online.

There are two basic forms of diabetes. In type 1, also called juvenile diabetes, the pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin, so it starts to use the glucose needed for the system to operate. Type 2 diabetes is the illness of overweight adults, which usually develops insidiously, without symptoms, while the vital organs are damaged by constantly high levels of blood sugar.

When should you visit a diabetologist?

  • Suspicion of diabetes: fatigue, visual disturbances, abnormal thirst, weight loss, frequent urination, recurrent yeast infections
  • Existing diabetes
  • For Diabetes screening, recommended:
    • for everyone over the age of 45
    • under the age of 45 for those:
      • whose BMI is above 25 (weight (kg)/height (meter)2, e.g. a 165 cm tall person weighing 60 kg: 60/1,652=22,04)
      • and also has one of the risk factors (e.g. high blood pressure or cholesterol etc.)
      • and for women who have delivered a baby with a birth weight over 4,1 kg

Diabetes screening is part of our screening packages, included in the internal medicine visit. (Link to the packages.)

Examinations available in our office:

  • Empty stomach blood sugar test from blood
  • Sugar stress test
  • HbgA1c value from blood (shows average blood sugar level of the past 3 months)