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Pregnancy massage

Who deserves pampering and relaxation more than expectant mothers? And what’s good for the mother is good for the baby, too.

Massage can help with any sleep problems, help spine posture, improve constipation, heartburn, and abdominal bloating, and can help relieve muscle cramps and knots as well. Massage can increase muscle flexibility, nourish and soften the skin, supporting its stretching ability and preventing stretch marks from developing. In the second and third trimesters it corrects fluid retention problems and edema.

Because expectant mother have to balance with the continuously growing belly, the concave curvature of the lower back above the pelvic bone becomes more pronounced. Due to this, the meeting point of the pelvis and spine in expectant mothers is temporarily overburdened. Massage can successfully provide maintenance of this region and relief and elimination of pain.

It’s good idea to start pregnancy massage from the 12th week and continue through to the birth. Generally speaking, one session a week is recommended, but it can be used twice a week if needed.

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