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Childbirth preparation classes

The aim of our classes is to support expectant mothers as they prepare both physically and emotionally for childbirth, to give them self-confidence about the pregnancy and birth and care of their tiny baby. Each trimester is important and is a challenge for different reasons, so we have divided the classes’ material into three parts. It is possible to register for only certain thirds or to register for the entire course.

In the first trimester participants get detailed information about tests performed during the first trimester, the most important of which is the extended combined screening performed in the 12th week, as well as about what is happening in the mother’s and baby’s bodies. There are many misconceptions circulating regarding what is not allowed during pregnancy. We would also like to clear these up so that these 9 months are not about restrictions for the expectant mother, but are about peaceful and enjoyable expectation.

During the second trimester the discussion will be on the topics of the current tests (second trimester ultrasound anomaly screening), the baby’s development, the baby’s psyche, as well as the changes taking place in the mother’s body. At this meeting we will also discuss exercise, and the expectant mothers will get practical tips and exercise instructions they can use to reduce muscle and joint pain due to weight gain. Here we also start to practice the breathing techniques to be used during childbirth.

The most important topic of the third trimester is the birth itself. We prepare expectant mothers together with their partners for the process and techniques of childbirth, for which we want to offer the most support from both theoretical and practical points of view. What kinds of births are there? What is perineal massage good for? What breathing techniques can be used during childbirth? What should be brought to the hospital? When is it time? What are the warning signs of labor?  What is the mucus plug? What are the signs of leaking amniotic fluid? What painkiller options are there? What are the stages of labor and delivery? What is a cesarean section and when is it done? What does the Apgar score mean?  What happens after the birth?